Traffic Collision Claims and Causes: How to Stay Safe This Holiday

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It seems like those cliché traffic collision scenes only happen on the big screen. The type of dramatized car crash scenes may leave you feeling along the lines of, ‘…how dramatic. That would never happen to me!’ The truth is that although it is not always as sensational as the movies, this can and does happen to many individuals.  This is why, in order to prevent it from happening it is imperative that you learn more about traffic collisions as well as traffic collision claims.

Traffic Collision in the UK: The Leading Cause of Motor Vehicle Accidents

There is not leading cause for traffic collisions. This is especially true because not every single car crash is a traffic collision but may have occurred in a different manner.  Although, According to a Licensed to Skill report there is a number one leading cause for motor vehicle accidents in general which may be surprising due to the common assumption held that drinking or speeding are number one factors.

Although these two factors do play a role in car crash statistics and should be taken seriously, the number one reason for motor vehicle accidents is the ‘failure to look properly’. This can be caused by a number of circumstances such as an overly comfortable or distracted driver.

RTA Claims: Tips How to Stay Safe on UK Roads this Holiday

Always Keep your Eyes on the Road

It is most important to always focus on where you are driving and not to get distracted. Avoid distractions by other road users, your cellphone or a device such as radio or music player in the car.

Never use a Cellphone while Driving

And this means never ever. Stated as one of the major causes or road accidents, it also removes your eyes of the road and distracts your attention. Not only is it dangerous, but it is illegal in the UK.

Follow the Speed Limits

Speed kills. Speed limits are there to protect you as a driver as well as other users on the road like pedestrians and cyclists.  Your life is worth more than being late for an appointment.

Know Your Traffic Signs and Rules

Traffic signs are often placed on the road to inform you of a potential danger like barriers around a bend in the road. If you know and understand these signs you may avoid a traffic collision. The same is true for the rules of the road. They are there to get everybody to work better together on road safety.

DO NOT Drink and Drive

Another never ever. Drinking whilst driving is not only penalized, you could lose your driver’s licence completely. Even worse, you could lose your life.

Use Your Seat Belt and Buckle Up Your children

No matter if you are driving far or to the shop around the corner. Always use your seat belt. Be sure to ensure the safety of your children by buckling them up as well. Use baby seats for their safety, they are designed to protect them in case of an accident.

Be Aware of Other Road Users

It is essential to not only keep your eyes on the road, but to also be aware of what others are doing on the road as well. Sometimes watching out for other reckless drivers can also be a life saver.

Vehicle Safety is Also Important

Drive a Safe Vehicle. It is essential that the car you drive is reliant. Keep your car serviced regularly to make sure you do not have a failure on the road for example a brake failure. This may cause a car accident. It is not worth risking your life in a dangerous vehicle. Your life is priceless.

In short conclusion, if you have been involved in a traffic collision and you would like to learn more about making motor vehicle or RTA claims, more information is available here: Road Traffic Accident, What You Should Know about Making a Claim. Road accident claims UK can be a very complex and stressful process. This fact, we encourage you to always make sure to be aware on the roads and be a responsible driver in order to avoid a car crash. At the end of the day, and as they say, prevention is always better than cure.


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